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Paver Mould
Paver Block Moulds are widely used in the construction industry to produce different sizes and designs of paver blocks. These moulds are rugged and sturdy vinyl containers that hold the concrete in a proper form until it becomes hard and firm.
Floor Tile Mould
Floor Tile Moulds are a type of hollow container that is used to manufacture floor tiles of concrete. These are extremely durable and resilient moulds as they are made up of the finest-grade polyvinyl. The tile moulds have got smooth surface finish the dimensionally stable shape.
Plastic Tiles Mould
Plastic Tiles Moulds are ruggedized vinyl containers that are used to manufacture different sizes and designs of tiles. These moulds have got the capability of enduring heavy loads and shear forces. The tiles moulds are most often used in the construction industry to produce different varieties of tiles.
Rubber Mould
Rubber Moulds are a type of construction equipment designed to produce paver blocks of concrete. These moulds are made up of polyvinyl which is a resilient and durable synthetic material. The moulds have got a seamless surface finish and dimensional stability.
Tiles Machine
The offered Tiles Machines are most often used for coloring and fixing tiles of different sizes and styles. These machines are extensively employed in the construction industry. Having equipped with precision components and parts, these machines ensure longevity and reliable performance.
PVC Mould
PVC molds are well known for their long lasting quality, perfect diameter and high strength. Developed by following injection molding technology, this range of molds is highly durable and has high strength.
Floor Hardener
Floor Hardener is a chemical composed to help reinforce and harden concrete floor and structure. It is suitable to use with paver blocks, bricks, and other forms of the concrete structure. Adding this hardener does not affect the chemical composition of the cement.

Brick Mould
PVC made rectangular brick molds can be availed in 40 mm to 80 mm thickness range. These molds have excellent strength, perfect dimension and less weight when compared to metal molds. Offered PVC products remain functional for years.
Cover Block Mould
Cover Block Moulds are widely used to manufacture different sizes and styles of concrete blocks. Having unmatched strength and resilience, these block moulds do not degrade in quality or performance for years. There are stable and long lasting moulds.
Kerb Stone Mould
PVC made 150 mm Kerb Stone Molds are accessible in different color choices. Based on production requirement, this range of molds can be availed in 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm thickness based choices.
Roof Tiles Mould
PVC Khaprail Tiles Molds are used for roof construction purpose. Available with matt finished surface, this range of molds has enough strength to endure high compressive force. This product range is cost effective.
PVC Rubber Mould
PVC Rubber Molds are well known for their optimum strength. With having 10 mm to 12 mm thickness range, these molds are suitable to be use under high temperature prone working environment.
CPVC pipe is a chemical and fire resistant plastic pipe that is used for supplying potable pipe in all facilities, whether small or large. A pipeline can be developed using several CPVC pipes and fittings. 

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